Saturday, August 27, 2011


i plucked a gray hair from my scalp tonight while doing my nightly bedtime routine. i call that gray hair luke. i guess i'm getting old. one- because i found a gray hair and two- because i have a bedtime routine. in a few short weeks, my 10 year high school reunion will take place. where has the time gone?

i look back at being 17 almost 18.. 9/11 happened my senior year. i was in graphics class with ms. mitchell. everyone stared at the tv screen completely captivated with what was happening. and then the second plane hit. of course, living in a huge military town, everyone "heard" the terrorists would hit our town because we have the biggest air force base. rumors are funny with how fast they spread. our classes were on lock down. the base was on lock down. parents couldn't reach their kids by phone. it was a surreal nightmare.

i remember coming home to my mom in a trance with the tv blaring. it is like the day stood still. can you believe it will be 10 years in a few weeks? wow. it still seems just like yesterday. one of those memories you'll always remember where you were.

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