Monday, August 1, 2011

make you notice.

I hope it's gonna make you notice
Someone like me, someone like me
-kings of leon 

seriously, i know. the most over-played kings of leon song. the song that "sold them out". the only song "fake" kings of leon fans like. so, sue me. no matter how many times i hear this song, it brings out the LOUD vocals. the tears. the screaming alone in my car. i love this song. tugs at the heart strings because i feel every word mr. followill sings. i mean, if i have to show my "true fan before they sold out and became mainstream card", i saw them way back in the dizz-ay (day, duh) when they were no one opening up for the strokes. circa 2003-ish? so--- what then!

anyway, point of this post. do you ever feel like screaming in someone's face-- "what do i have to DO to make you notice me!??!!" grrr. i feel like this often. when will i have someone who feels that way about me? what if there IS someone that feels that way about me and just doesn't tell me? but what if someone does tell me how they feel and i don't feel that way in return? ahh.. what if the man i feel that way about would rather me keep it to myself because he doesn't want to reject me? catch 22.

what would YOU do?

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  1. so hard..the movies will tell you that if he feels it he will tell you! BUT men have been broken sometimes they are afraid!!! it is a catch 22 for sure!