Sunday, July 31, 2011


oops. i've been m.i.a.  we had such a busy weekend. we are now winding down. i'm staying at my grandma's house while my uncle goes on a date in atlanta. um.. yeah. so enough about that. luke is with my mom at our house. this has only happened a couple times in his short life. . i feel at a loss when he isn't with me. grr.

so, here's a recap.

i made this wreath for my beautiful friend. she got married last night and can i say.. it was a fantastic time! i cried like a baby that my wittle girl was getting married. i've known kimster for a decade now since we were high schoolers.. goodness. i love her so much. she is off in st. lucia with her new husband having the time of her life.

took luke to a little greek restaurant this weekend as well. the hummus was so tasty. 

luke's pizza! since little dude has been able to tolerate mozzarella, we enjoy personal pan pizzas. (it's the little victories)

and my tasty chicken gyro! mmm. such a treat.

anyway, i'll be back later with a heart-felt post. i have some things weighing on my heart.


  1. the wreath looks great :)

    there's nothing like spending time with your child. even if it's just a small meal somewhere.

  2. Love the wreath and I know they did too! Jon and Kimberly are a great couple!! I should have been your date! :0) anyway, what greek place did u go? Greek Village closed and broke my heart... tried Metropolis Grill but wasn't crazy about their hummus but their greek salad was good.... where did y'all go?