Thursday, July 28, 2011

GOD loves single moms.

so, i bought this new book. it is called, God loves single moms. silly, right? well-- whatever. i have seriously felt better since reading it. i get down on some days and sometimes it feels like life is caving in on my head. like the world is working against me. and can this paper write itself? can these idiot drivers get off of the road?  but like i said, the book. it makes me feel slightly better. i'm not alone even if i am, ya know?

i have a seriously busy weekend this week. i have a birthday party and wedding in one day. holy crap. i may be going solo to the wedding. but hey, that's ok if i really have to. i have to enjoy myself if anyone else is going to.

on another note. umm. so ya know when you start talking to someone from a dating website through email and then it moves to texting? .. then you ask if they could send a picture of them self to verify that they really look like what their profile said?. ..  and then you get this picture back and they are 200 pounds heavier and not at all what they said they looked like? and then they keep texting you back asking why you aren't responding? seriously? i mean. that has never happened me before, of course.. i mean. of course. oh- and i'm not superficial. but ya gotta have some physical attraction!

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  1. Hi Rachael,

    I'm a newly single mom as of less than a month ago. There are days I feel like a shipwreck. I'm still healing but I'm excited to have found your blog and read more.