Thursday, July 14, 2011

good things are coming.

just a note. luke told me "by the way, i'm going to marry you. you need to buy a dress. i'll get good clothes." love that kid. later, he told me "well, you can marry my daddy" well, that's a talk for another.

a few things going on in rachael land. i'm super ecstatic as well as overwhelmed. 

i finally got around to calculating my expected graduation date.. somehow it is REALLY going to happen! now comes the overwhelming factor: because it is so soon (as in this time next year i'll have a degree behind my name), i haven't actually looked into internships. i finally did. um. what! wow! i have to get on this;

in order to even apply for an internship, i have to have had experience in a clinical setting with well infants and children as well as experience paid or unpaid with families in a stressful situation. to meet the latter, i'm trying to do some volunteer work with a childhood cancer organization as i have before. the well infants? oh man. i have no clue. i could apply for some pediatrician offices but i'm not sure the likelihood of actually getting hired. here's to hoping!! 

 so, around july i'm hoping to put in my internship application. this will decide where i will be living come summer time. i'm SO nervous about the unknown. we know how i love my plans and to-do lists.

another thing... what i'm going to do with luke. he's starting school the first week of august and i'm at a loss as to what to do about after school care! i'd hate to make him stay for after school care until six.. i mean 8am to 6pm at age 4?? that is just too much. 

so, i please ask for you to pray for some sort of answer to what to do at 230pm when he gets out of school as well as getting a job in the pediatric setting. i'm in need!!


oh! i do need some help. if i do move to atlanta, i'd likely be working at egleston or scottish rite. any ATLiens out there to offer advice on a good/cheaper location and good school system for the kiddo to live? 

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  1. sorry, I'm not from Atlanta :( but that's awesome that you're going to be graduating in just a year!! It will go by so fast! I remember when I finally applied for graduation and everything. It was such a weird feeling!
    I'm always nervous about the unknown too :( But sometimes I just have to remind myself to have a little faith. seems to help me sometimes ;)

    love, Lulu

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