Thursday, July 7, 2011

july wishlist.


i want this. like. yesterday.

i hope someday i meet someone who realizes 
that this is the best present i could ever receive. 
first- it mentions bowels. 
second- it is typography art. 

i'm planning to make one of these of luke. 
eventually, maybe one of myself. 
oh... and what about oliver? so adorable. 


i've only wanted this dress -for freaking ever-.
and now it's back at spotted moth after being sold out -for freaking ever-.
i can dream. isn't it dreamy???


i die. i want. paired with tights in the winter? 
yes, please. thank you.

 i can make this. i think it's such a good idea. 
i'd use a different font but it would be perfect in luke's room
.. ahem.. 
since he'll be starting school in less than a month and all.

so, there you have it. just a few things i've been drooling over this month!

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