Monday, July 18, 2011

what I want

what this girl wants.

  1. someone with a stable career
  2. he pays his bills on time (because my credit sucks and i need someone to take care of my money.. or lackthereof)
  3. he doesn't mind me having a child.. and all that entails
  4. wants more children
  5. he gets along with my son. swimmingly.
  6. a christian.
  7. he is taller than me
  8. great sense of humor. 
  9. slightly sarcastic
  10. doesn't think me talking about poop is WEIRD
  11. understands my quirks
  12. my biggest fan and vice versa
  13. enjoys concerts and some of the same music i do
  14. not a party guy. 
  15. doesn't drink in front of little dude
  16. educated
  17. shows affirmation
  18. likes dogs
  19. one-girl kinda guy
  20. scruff is a bonus. mmm.. beards.
  21. he is a family guy
  22. my family approves of him
  23. he likes my mom
  24. enjoys nights in
  25. not into playing games
  26. enjoys adventures
  27. understands my planning nature
  28. reliable car
  29. open book with me
  30. NOT a smoker
  31. no hunters 

i'm not picky. and i'm sure no one really meets all of those requirements. some are just some "wants" but other i can't compromise on. you think he exists? because i'm not into settling. xoxo


  1. LOVE this list -- and the fact that you're not settling. Go girl!! I'd also love to read a list re: what you would bring to the relationship... because I can see that you'd bring a whole lot. Try that exercise and see what happens. Hugs!

  2. i've been thinking of this since i read it. it is so much harder to think of what I'D bring to he relationship .. hmm.....