Wednesday, July 20, 2011


so, a milestone was met today. my little dude is growing up! since he'll be starting school in 2 weeks, we have a list to check off before he can be present the first day! enter. first dental cleaning.

i'll admit. i was probably a little more worried than i should have been. he does great with shots and pediatrician and allergist appointments. i just felt that if i were 4 years old and 36 inches tall, i'd be terrified with all of that huge equipment! he did great. why did i worry so much?? i did stress to the hygienist that his father and i have awful teeth. remember, i just completed TWO root canals last month. the dentist payed extra attention to his pearly whites just in case. luckily, little dude is doing well! he even loves the spacing between his baby teeth as this allows his grown up teeth to have room to come in. possibility of no braces? music to my ears! there is a questionable tooth in the very back but since little dude's mouth is too small to do x-rays, we are going to wait until january to do them. hopefully he'll have a bigger mouth then. (blessing and a curse)

i suppose this is where i should tell you that little dude is NOT  a morning person. this appointment was at 11am. YES, ELEVEN! i had to wake him up (aka- pull him out of bed from the comfort of sheets, make him really cold, then pull his clothes off. by this time he's furious but awake so then i leave him with his change of clothes and come back in ten minutes where either one- he is naked and asleep in bed or two- dressed and still mad that he's awake). he wasn't thrilled to be up at such an ungodly hour (psh) but he rose to the occasion after some coaxing. so, these pictures show you he is still half asleep and not understanding why these people are talking to him at such an early hour. he got the trait from me;  i can't get mad. he's going to have a rude awakening in two weeks! muha ha ha.. (picture evil laugh)

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