Thursday, July 21, 2011

what i'd bring to a relationship...

what i'd bring to a relationship
  1. 100% honesty
  2. a son who will admire said person
  3. spontaneous surprises
  4. hugs and cuddling
  5. 100% devotion
  6. an ear to listen
  7. ....
i'm working on this. thanks @ single mom seeking for challenging me with this task!!
i definitely need to come back to this and add more. it is so hard thinking of what i'm actually made of to be able to bring to someone else. it is tough thinking about what you're like rather than what you want in someone else.

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  1. this is a short yet loving list. i think i can relate with your list. it definitely would be difficult for me to list down what i'm capable of bringing to a relationship.