Saturday, July 23, 2011


i have itchy skin. in fact, i take an anti-depressant for the itching. the itching is linked to worrying so to calm down, i was prescribed celexa. my grandpa was a worrier as well. it's what we do.  anyway, point is. last night, i was itching super bad. everywhere.. so i took two benadryl. thank the LORD my mom was off because i didn't wake up until 3:30pm. WHAT. good grief. i wish i could say  i feel like i caught up on needed sleep, but in reality it was that i'm-so-hungover-let-me-just-sleep-it-off sleep. ugh. oh well.

so, after i awoke from the benadryl-induced coma, i felt i needed to make up on my slack parenting skills and do something with the boy. a good friend is getting married next week and since money is tight, i'm making her something. we went to michaels to pick up those things and then headed over to books-a-million to get a book or two. i think the boy was having some fun. after, i treated him to some ihop  where he thought it CRAZY to eat pancakes at 9pm. he loved it.

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