Saturday, July 16, 2011

super epic rainbow cake

since my dear bfflzz birthday PARTY has passed tonight, i will tell you what i made! 

a little background. bffl is a lesbian. she loves all things rainbow. so.. why not do something she loves? so, i made her a cake. not just any cake. a super epic rainbow cake

luke and i spent around three to four hours making this baby from scratch. i'm not much of a cook but i can bake sometimes. this was the most tedious recipe i've tackled in my life though. me and whipping egg whites to a "fluff"? yeah, whatever that means. but 19 egg whites later, woot! i accomplished my goal. that is.. until we started driving. my cake didn't agree with middle georgia weather so she decided to slip and slide around in the box. i was so hurt. (yes, my cake is a female i decided) but you keep going. no going back. after some refrigeration, she was ok. not as pretty but oh well. it's the thought that counts, right?? 

i got the recipe from this site.

i haven't uploaded the end result yet. but here's a cell phone picture:

luke was hot. he was flashing some pecks. ladies- back off! and i was hot. see the glow? whew. attractive. but hey, my bffl is sexy huh??  



  1. wow good for you! I do not cook or I find this quite inspiring!!

  2. that cake was AMAZING!