Wednesday, July 27, 2011

rebutal of sorts.

wow!  i should write about my whorish way more often! i have a whopping 109 visitors so far.. today alone. welcome all :)

anyway, i know i shouldn't entertain the people that disapprove of the content of my website but heck, i don't mind.

i will say that i'm a 27-year-old single mom. pretty sure i'm up front about that. i've been single since my kiddo was born. i get along with my mr. b, little dude's dad. how many people can say that? hi, mr. b! i can count on one hand how many people i've kissed. i can also count on one hand how many people i've had "relations" with.  i'd say that is pretty hard to come by in my generation. in high school, i was known as a prude. i remember when i first started dating (who would later become my high school sweetheart), people would tell me how weird i looked holding some one's hand. as if i wasn't confident enough to make such a public proclamation. it made me laugh.

i took four years off from dating. i did. to get my thoughts together, a "want" list of sorts about who i think would suit me well. i also did some sort-lived therapy to get over the issues i had with men in my life. in january, i thought i was ready. so, i joined to my surprise, i met someone relatively quickly.  enter big c. hi, big c!  i know that i can be good for someone because he was that. those good guys exist. i found one; one in a million so i know there  are more out there.

things ended but most things do. the thing about me is: i'm not really looking for guy friends. i'm looking for the long term. if i know it just isn't going to work out, i will tell ya "lets just stop talking." i think that is a fair thing to do. after all, i'm a mom first. i don't need my son meeting men left and right. truthfully, i'm only open to one man and i will find him, i'm sure.

now, i know it seems i'm "obsessed" with meeting "the one". however, i'm not. this is my blog. the intent is to blog about things i feel compelled to speak about. through this blog, i have met other amazing single mom's who feel the same way. we are single moms. who do we really have to talk about our inner feelings with? certainly not our children. this all being said, i'm a mom. i wipe up messes. i parent. i teach my son. he is my first thought. in my alone time, i read and do homework. i'm a pretty boring person. i don't sit around dying for a man everyday. no. if it happens, it does. heck, i'm 27! i want more babies. my child bearing is hopefully  not done at 24, you know? so. i bring those things to the blog. it is my outlet, if you will.

and finally. a-hole (i told him i'd refer to him as this although he NOT an a-hole at ALL) is a stand up guy. this is my "fwb" dude. he is pretty awesome and very straight forward. i have respect for him that i don't in most. so really, don't be hard on the dude. he's super nice in my book. it was my bad decision that made me sad yesterday--- not his! 

toodles and stuff.

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  1. Being a "single" mother the dating scene was definitely hard for me. I think that now that I am in a new relationship sometimes it's hard to think it might last a long time and of course I'm looking for a long term relationship. I use my site as an outlet too.

    I also want more children in the future and I'm hoping that it does happen.