Monday, June 27, 2011

beach update; tuesday

i have something to look forward to back home. well, he googled this site (!!). yes, you. so that is exciting. as for here, we are having another relaxed day. we're staying inside tonight rather than going out to eat and soon, we're going to watch a movie we rented. we visited the pier today and ate at five guys. i thought i'd be so nervous on that pier so far out, but overall i did well. the ocean has been full of seaweed to the point that it isn't really a good idea to go out in it. i pulled out so many clumps of green goo in my bathing suit. so gross! it is the slimy kind- yuck. but hey, it isn't warner robins!  i'm looking like a lobster today. i'd post a picture but my phone isn't happy with being 22 flights in the air. thanks verizon.

i'm feeling a lot better today. i ended up deleting mostly everything from the past and i'm ok with that. pushing forward.

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