Saturday, June 11, 2011

enjoy the chaos.

i love the days i get when it's just luke and i. we are quite the pair. he is definitely my son. so, without further ado, this is what our day consisted of:

i cooked pancakes.

i think they were a hit.

then we built a fort out of two chairs and an old comforter from the 80's.
little dude added a chair to watch tv while relaxing in his digs.

it rained for 2 seconds yesterday which produced
 the mushroom patch in our front yard.
luke only recently saw his first mushroom last week so this was a treat for him.

of course, we annihilated them. 
yes, he is sporting his star wars underwear in the front yard.
we are in georgia, afterall!

ps. everyone should get death cab for cutie's new album, code and keys. it isn't anything like transatlanticism but most things aren't. there are still a few good songs on it and it sure has helped me define my feelings as of late.

how is everyone's weekend going?

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