Monday, June 20, 2011

a little this, a little that.

t-minus five days until i get to kick off my flip flops and put my feet in the sand. this trip is much needed. i can't wait to jump some waves and feel the burn of the salt in my eyes. i hope we have some good weather!  i often think i should move near a beach town because i'm happiest in florida. i've briefly looked into houses and apartments in different towns there. maybe once i graduate i'll be able to afford the move.  until then, i'll be landlocked in the good old war town.

i'm halfway through my first two classes at walden university. i feel like i'm actually getting something accomplished. the two a's i currently have help as well!  

this post has very little relevance. i'm just talking. i have a lot to say but i'm still trying to put those thoughts into words.  (of the big c variety. i know i know.)

also, i've been closely watching my stats and visitors. two complaints --

  1. i'm averaging around 50-60 visitors a day but no followers.
  2. no one leaves comments! comment! i get bored.
those things are trivial but i'm trying to understand what is  going on. i had 1500 people visit this month. i'd like to get to know you guys.

1 comment:

  1. I'm the biggest dork ever, but that's beside the point! Xoxo, love ya and why don't we get to know eachother by you comin and getting a haircut before you go to the beach? ! Text me, Friday?