Friday, June 17, 2011


this is what luke's year as a three year old has consisted of:

 we visited okaloosa island for the first time.

he overcame his fear of water and learned to let go.

we went to peachtree city to wait on another great-grandchild to join the family.

 we attended luke's first braves game with sarah.

 we visited our grandpa.

 we did 40+ allergy shots with NO tears.

 we visited lane packing in october.

 and held a baby chick at the perry fair.

we carved our spidey pumpkin and hated the goopy hands.

 we had some fun with our pups.

 and thought the ham at thanksgiving was AWESOME.

 we tried to build a gingerbread house. but it was a failure.

 we waited for santa at the local parade.. and hated it.
we called it boring.

 we decorated granny's tree like a big boy. we even mastered the hooks.

 we barely slept while waiting for santa.

 and helped mama blow out her 27 candles on the garden fairy cake luke picked out.

 in janurary, we played in a snow fall.

 we also got gracie-time,

 we had fun at the cherry blossom parade supporting our abby.

 and visited the park.

 we made new friends of the canine variety (big c took this pic).

and visited peachtree city which prompted love at first sight with heather.

we gained and lost some friends along the way. we had some tears and tantrums. but we grew. by we, i mean he and i. we had a great time together. can't wait for plenty more.

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