Friday, June 10, 2011

the sun is shining!

i woke up in a good mood today. maybe because it was friday, maybe because my son is the funniest person alive, i don't know. i just know there was enough sunlight peeping through my window and the smile on my face was there. it didn't stop the rest of the day. how nice.

i woke up to a little 3 year old but basically 4 year old saying this:

L- mommy, can you get me some lucky charms?
me- sure, give me two minutes when my alarm goes off.
L- ok.
... 15 seconds..
L- (makes this noise)briiiiinnnngg brrriiinnnnggg briiiiinnnng. mommy. i think your alarm went off.

i guess you had to be there. he is so hilarious.

since i was in a good mood, i decided to  do my make up today and apply eyeliner. (WHAT!) i know. it has been a month. i even wore a shirt that fits and makes me look like i have a body. score! why not show off the 6 pounds i've lost this month? yes!

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