Thursday, June 2, 2011

money and other problems.. but i love my little dude.

i've come to the realization that my job isn't cutting it anymore. i have stayed with insertcompanyhere for my fantastic schedule and the health benefits can't be beaten. however, with the recession. . the decline of the economy, companynamehere is no longer the same company i signed up for. my hours have slowly dwindled from 40 hours monday thru thursday to 15 at best. some days we come in and are asked to leave at least three hours early due to the decrease in sales. 

i shouldn't complain really. i have a job. i have dental and medical insurance. i get to take a vacation (even if it will be unpaid).  i love the people i work with most of the time. haha. i'm trying to focus on the brighter side these days.. it's just hard when pay day rolls around and you realize you're falling short. 

so.. i have applied to quite a few places. hopefully, i will hear something soon! in other news, i accepted my financial aid reward offer today and made my online classes official. i'm super excited while also super anxious. it will be difficult with school, luke starting school, and working. but alas, that is life. it's all for a better life for my little dude. hopefully one day i will no longer have to decide which bill should i pay this week or living paycheck to paycheck. (ok, i can't even do that). but really? this is my kiddo's birthday month. he deserves the best. i can't deny him that!

i'd do it all again.... this below was the best moment of my life. the first time i held him. he had an instant peace about him. his body was so tight and wound up. he relaxed at my touch and voice. he made me a mama in this moment. i wouldn't trade it for any job, amount of money, .. anything ever.. 

june 18th my little tiny 6lb baby will be FOUR!

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