Thursday, June 16, 2011


today i give you a recap of little dude's birthdays of years past.. the first birthday is below. and well, first. seeing these pictures are bittersweet. my grandpa was alive! luke was SO small. he was so underweight his first year. also, take note that his birthday party at our house is when we found out he was allergic to milk (specifically buttercream icing!). we had two parties: one on his actual birthday at our house with family and one at a nearby park building that we rented out for the mickey themed occasion! oh, i miss that wispy, thin hair. and the innocence. his wobbly gait.. he still hadn't gotten the hang out wearing shoes so notice he didn't wear any at either party!
 this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of L. 
he was a little over one month shy of his first birthday. 
i used this picture to make stamps for his 1st birthday invites.

 i miss this man.

 notice the welts all over him. poor kiddo.

birthday number two in 2009 consisted of two parties as well. on his actual birthday, sarah, mom and i took the kiddo out to dinner at ZEN. it's a hibatchi-style eatery. plus. kid loves sushi. afterward, we treated him to some sorbet with sprinkles and candles on top. because, you know, kiddo is allergic to ice cream. i also made some cupcakes! his actual party was at party playgrounds which is where it will be held this year as well! fun times.

for last year's birthday, we had a simple affair at our house. it was a pool party filled with good times and fun friends and family! funny thing is - luke was so scared of the pool at the time of the party. only until after our florida vacation that year did he really love water.  since i was too busy playing hostess, i don't have hardly any pictures of this party. (boo!!)

so, saturday is the big day! i hope i am able to take more pictures this year than last. i really regret not having that many. however, we're going to have some good fun and i can't wait. i really miss the baby years because with number four means school years and sports and his own life. 

ok, enough of this. my ovaries are starting to hurt because i want another baby. 


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