Saturday, June 4, 2011 round dos.

i joined in feburary. i met big c in feburary. when i saw his profile, i believe i let out a big sigh of relief. oh how hard it is to find someone decent on there!  once i found him, i stopped looking. i honestly didn't think i'd need a dating site ever again. unfortunately, things didn't pan out the way i anticipated. 

i was actually so sure i didn't need it anymore that i let a coworker take over the account. she didn't have any success so i asked her for the account back. i logged into her profile and promptly changed all of the information. i suppose this is where i should add- i'm not ready by any means, to date again. it can never hurt to look though. and honestly, maybe compliments from random strangers would be nice. fail. fail. fail. i saw many familiar faces from feburary. people who haven't had any success. 

it only made me depressed to one- know that this was going to happen again after praying i'd never need it again, and two- after expanding my search to 80 miles away, there was not ONE person i'd ever be interested in. lastly, three- most of the matches were in columbus.



  1. It's clear that you're a human being who's so capable of love -- and so lovable. I'm cheering for you!

  2. thanks so much. that means a lot.