Wednesday, June 22, 2011

beach vacation 2009!

at the beginning of the summer in 2009, we visited the beach! panama city, of course. we had fun and luke (he was almost 2), learned to love the sand. building sand castles with kimmie and his cousin violet were a daily thing. he also enjoyed eating "ice cream" at a local store in pier park. he felt normal because this marked the first time that an ice creamery had sorbet as an option. he ate out of a cone for the first time as well! (he can still wear the swim suits from being one and those pants as well!)

in august, we made an impromptu visit to savannah with sarah. we ended up spending the night and the next day found ourselves on a little road trip to hilton head. (or myrtle beach?) i'll have to ask sarah. the atlantic ocean has nothing on the gulf. the gulf is so much nicer.

t-minus THREE DAYS!!!!!!

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