Friday, June 24, 2011

haircuts. chores. boring.

today was pretty busy. tying up the loose ends before heading out for 7 days is stressful. i'm not complaining. i can't wait to leave! 

we started our day getting hair cuts from M.. yay! (thanks M. love you) then we headed to get an oil change. from there, we were picked up by my mom and started food shopping for our trip. i went to this new store in town called ALDI. i bought some hummus on the cheap (again, thanks M  for the recommendation) as well as other junk food for our 6 hour drive.

i'm praying luke does well. i've currently packed a dvd player with plenty of dvds, a portable drawing board, and.. something else? but i can't remember.

right now i'm staying at my granny's while my uncle is on a date. (haha) when i get home, the packing MUST begin. slightly anxious about it. 

anyway, i have to say that today was a little harder than most on the big c front. seriously? i should be over it. but i'm not! i guess i started thinking of past times with him and how gentlemanly he was. paid for my gas, even. who does that?? but this trip was planned around his vacation week so really, he should be going. of course he isn't so it leaves a slight void. i think once i see the ocean and smell the salt, i will be fine.  sometimes.. i am just overwhelmed for how much i care(d). and i know that if we were together, he'd clean my car for me :) (miss you boo)

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