Monday, June 6, 2011

june wishlist.

since i'm going on vacation soon, i've been browsing the stores and the internet for some cute dresses. unfortunately, the stores i've been going to have had nothing i'd be interested in. so here's a run down of things i'm adding to my wishlist.

i love this necklace. plus, it called "the world is your oyster". fitting!

this dress is amazing. there are only three left 
so i don't think i'll be getting it but how cute would that be!? 
and i bet it would feel amazing on the hot beach.

i actually bought this one. i can't wait to wear it. 

plus. i got new shoes. nothing like retail 

and lastly.

it isn't anything to wear but holy crap.
why did it take someone so long to market 
watermelon juice? genius! 

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