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my first and only born will be FOUR this coming saturday! since he may be my only kiddo, i'm dedicating this WHOLE week to my little munchkin. today, i want to share the beginning of the birth story from his OG birthday in 2007. (warning, it is a birth story. poop and other things will be involved)
my due date was july 3rd. i carried him high. he always had a toe or whole foot in my rib cage. when i drove home from work, i had to relax the seat back like a gangster just to breathe. as you can imagine, as june approached,  i was more than ready (if he was, of course).  

june 17th came. after sunday dinner at my granny's, i went home to relax when i got a phone call asking if i'd like to come to luke's daddy's brother's house. (in that order) sure! i said. as i rounded the hallway corner to get my things together to leave, i immediately stopped in my tracks. the tears were instant. i couldn't control it. i believe i let out out a gasp for air. my mom quickly came to me and asked me not to go to macon. after all, it was 40 minutes away. for whatever reason, i was bound and determined to go to their house but to appease my mom, i sat on the sofa and relaxed for a bit. i went to their house. little did i know, the pain was from his head descending onto my pubic bone.

after returning from an uneventful night, i laid in my with my only child (oliver, the pup). i patted my belly and said "ok luke, you can come now." june 18th made him full term and i was ready.  all night, i remember having dreams of starting my menstrual cycle. when i woke up at 5am because my mom was getting ready for work, i told her  i was having cramps but they weren't painful. she was excited but i was cautious.  before she left around 6am-ish, i was starting to feel a lot of pressure but still, nothing i was worried about. wasn't labor suppose to be so painful i had to remember to breathe? so, i got on my computer and googled "contraction counter".  the idea of this particular website was to press your space bar every time you felt a contraction and press the space bar again when the contraction ends. i looked at my log after 10 minutes or so. "hm.. " i thought. if it was correct, they were steady every 2 minutes. i decided to call my mom at work. (she's a nurse. i guess i find comfort in that). she told me to call my dr.   i guess i sounded as though i was in labor because the nurse on the end of the line laughed and said, "darling. go to the hospital."

really? the hospital? just like that? i decided to get in the shower instead. i was told not to worry unless you start feeling the urge to poop or "see" things. after the shower, all hell broke loose.  i could barely dress myself at that point. how was i going to drive myself to the hospital??  luckily, it was summer time and my brother was home.  oliver knew something was going on as i had to put him in the baby bed just to pack my bag. (i know, my bag was not packed..)  my brother got dressed and at this point, i couldn't even walk. i was crawling on the floor. it was 9am. the ride to the hospital is roughly five minutes from my house. it was the longest ride of my life! my poor brother. he was only 17 at the time! oh the explicatives.

we arrived at the hospital where my mother was waiting. luckily, i  pre-registered already so all the hospital needed was a signature. i was swept away into a room to be check for dilation to see if i'd actually get to be admitted. as the nurse was checking me, my water broke. guess i was staying! plus, i was at 4 cm's. .. to be continued.

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