Wednesday, June 22, 2011

four year check-up

turning four is hard work. you get this loooong break from getting routine shots and then four comes along and makes up for those years you didn't have any.

that's just what we did today. little dude got four shots and one finger prick. can i tell you that he handled it like a champ?? i was SO proud. he didn't cry at all from the finger prick, in fact he thought it was kinda cool to see his blood fill up the little sample. this checked his hemoglobin; 11. he's normal!

he had to endure his first eye exam. i have to say, i was impressed. i wasn't sure what to expect seeing as he's never done something with that much instruction. he passed. he was able to tell the nurse what shapes he saw (star, moon, circle, etc). he also had a hearing test that i *think* he did well with. it is hard to tell with four year old's. they don't exactly understand the concept of raising your hand when you hear a sound. but, he reacted so i know he can hear. (even if he does pretend not to sometimes)

he got to pee in a cup. the only directions to follow were to NOT pee on mama's hands. he didn't, i was happy. he filled the whole cup up. haha.

it was finally time for the shots. poor guy thought this was just like getting his allergy shots in his arm. he didn't cry for all 40 of those but after he realized it wasn't going to be that type of shot, he got slightly anxious.  he sat in my lap and i held his hands. before actually inserting the vaccine into his leg,  he realized how large the needle was and started to cry. two quick shots into each leg, he was done. he did cry huge crocodile tears.. but that only last for a maximum of 2 minutes. i was so proud. he's such a trooper.

before we left our exam room, i told him there were other kids in the waiting room waiting for their shots. he told me he'd better stop crying so he doesn't scare them. he did just that and received a new ball and alligator for his prize from the doctor.

so, now we are all set for pre-k. i can't believe my little boy is going to ALL DAY school! what am i going to do??  i'm so proud of that kiddo.

so, here are his stats:

36 pounds (50th percentile) -- um, can i tell you how HARD we have worked to be over 30 pounds?? he has never been on the percentile chart because he has always been so underweight. it is such a shocker that he is average now! woo hoo lukie!
41 inches tall (50-75th percentile )-- he is so excited because this qualifies him to ride the BIG waterslides at the park next week!!

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